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T-Magazine - Renowned DJ Loco Dice - Serán Bendecidos pop-up store

T-Magazine - Renowned DJ Loco Dice - Serán Bendecidos pop-up store

Milan, Feb. 21, 2024 - Renowned DJ Loco Dice is about to give a unique experience in the heart of Milan through a series of performances in an exclusive DJ Set at the Serán Bendecidos pop-up store. The location, located in the city center, will be transformed into a club thanks to Loco Dice's music curation, backed by Shopify backing.

The event represents a perfect intersection between the various disciplines that the DJ has developed over the years, taking shape in the evocative setting of Serán Bendecidos' pop-up store. The synergy between the musical talents of Loco Dice and Serán Bendecidos promises to make the event a 360-degree experience of pure creativity.
In partnership with Pioneer, a leader in the audio industry, the event will ensure exceptional sound quality. The state-of-the-art equipment provided by Pioneer will ensure the highest level of sound, giving spectators the highest quality audio experience.
The partnership with Pioneer underscores Loco Dice's commitment to ensuring that all sound reaches the audience with the utmost clarity and cleanliness of sound.

The combination of all these elements together with Loco Dice's 30 years of experience promises to transform the heart of Milan into a space dedicated not only to music but to the intersection of fashion, music and art.

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